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What are Casement Windows?

Casement windows are the most contemporary and convenient of all window types. A casement window is attached to a frame by one or more hinges and either a manual (or automatic) mechanism which cranks the window outwards, away from the home.

The casement window has many different configurations; the openers can be top or side hung or even fixed. The most recognisable casement is the side hung which is hinged at the side for easy opening.

The top hung or awning casement window is hinged at the top which is perfect for wet climates as it blocks out rain. Conversely, the bottom hung casement window is hinged at the bottom and is commonly used in basements.

Advantages of Casement Windows Versatile

When it comes to home improvements, casement windows are a popular choice as they are versatile and can be designed to suit virtually any style of property in uPVC, timber or aluminium frames. They can be tailored to suit precise sizes and in a variety of colour finishes to suit any home’s aesthetic.

Fully sealed for insulation

Fixed pane windows obviously offer the best level of insulation and energy efficiency, but casement windows aren’t far behind. All casement windows are fully sealed as the window sash presses against the frame to create an airtight seal when closed. This helps prevent cold air getting in and warm air getting out, improving the energy efficiency of a home and reducing heat loss which should save you money on energy bills.

Simple to use

They are easy to open and close and due to their configuration and many can even be installed alongside automatic openers.

Clear views

Casement windows give an unobstructed view when open and when closed, plus they allow a lot of light into any room.

Ventilation options

Unlike double hung windows casement windows are open top to bottom and can be opened all the way out for maximum ventilation. However, they can also be angled slightly to catch breezes, helping to circulate air around the house.


Double glazed casement windows offer superior insulation and security.

Lifetime warranty from manufacture on vinyl and glass 10 years installation warranty


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