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Vinyl Windows from Windows Philadelphia

A bathroom with a tub and a window.

If you decide to buy vinyl windows in Pennsylvania or in its environs, then it will be very useful for you to get acquainted with the range of widows that is offered in Windows Philadelphia. We do 

not save on window components and offer our customers such vinyl windows as they should be: without any reduction in the cost of components (accessories, profiles, reinforcement, double-glazed windows, etc.).

Vinyl windows are produced and installed in accordance with environmental regulations. 

Vinyl Windows Advantages


  1. Durability
  2. Resistance to all types of meteorological influences
  3. Tightness
  4. Don’t require additional finishing (during the entire period of operation they retain their original color)
  5. High rate of heat protection and sound insulation
  6. Don’t require special care
  7. No problems associated with the disposal of production waste
  8. Manufacturing process is technologically effective


Vinyl Windows Utility


A building with a green door.In fact, plastic windows (scientifically the material from which frames are made is called polyvinyl chloride – abbreviated PVC) surpass conventional ones in all respects.

Vinyl windows provide complete tightness – in other words, no matter how cold it is outside, no matter how strong the wind is, not a single trickle of cold air will seep inside. In addition, vinyl windows provide excellent heat and sound insulation.

The biggest advantage of these windows is that they do not require any maintenance. Wooden ones, as we know, should be tinted every few years. To wash them, you need to unscrew the frames. With vinyl windows only periodically you wipe them with a cloth. At the same time, a good window will not live for one decade – Windows Philadelphia gives the life-time guarantee.

It is obvious that vinyl windows are beautiful. Usually the frame is made white, but any color is possible (smooth or with imitation of valuable wood). Along with conventional glass it is possible to install tinted, mirror, patterned.

Finally, vinyl windows are eco-friendly! To those who have read newspaper articles about the dangers of plastic, about the absolute benefits of wood, it may seem incredible, but it is a fact.

Think about the fact that polyvinyl chloride is approved for use in many areas where its contact with the human body is much closer – electric kettles, packaging for yogurt, plastic bottles for drinks are made of PVC. Remember also that the wood (which is always presented as a kind of antipode, the standard of environmental friendliness) will certainly be covered with paint, and this is 100% chemo.