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Replacement Windows from Windows Philadelphia

Replacement windows: why yes

A man standing in the window of a brick building.

For various reasons people postpone replacing old windows with new ones: financial problems, lack of time, and someone, considering that this requires a lot of stress, refuse because they don’t know how this can play out. In this case problems with replacement windows in a usual house can reach incredible proportions. Drafts, constant street noise, non-working fittings – the “snowball” is growing every day, but replacement is being postponed and postponed.

Old windows no longer protect from cold and noise, and in some cases they are ready to literally collapse from gusts of wind. And the discomfort from all this is unlikely to add joy to your life.

Excuses and solutions for windows replacement


Our specialists from Windows Philadelphia often meet different excuses from potential clients. 

 The cold weather prevails in Pennsylvania for at least six months. It’s worthy to spend time on making your house warm and dry. And besides, it usually takes only 3-4 hours to replace a window for professionals from Windows Philadelphia.

Far not. You can always choose a day and time that is comfortable for you with our consultants. After all, our company tries to adapt to the requests of almost every client. You just voice your wishes, and we will make every effort to make them come true with us.

First of all Philadelphia Windows prices are almost 10 % lower as compared to other companies in replacement windows area. And secondly, you can be sure we will always choose the best cost option without sacrificing quality and comfort.

A row of windows on a shelf.

The scale of destruction is clearly exaggerated. Windows Philadelphia experienced specialists perform the replacement as accurately as possible and act according to an established algorithm.

Is it better to endure drafts all winter? And the dirt is usually much less than customers think. Our installers work maximally clean and take away all the mess they made.

The window opening remains open for such a short time that the apartment does not have time to cool down strongly in winter and heat up in hot summer. In addition, you can choose late spring or early fall for replacement windows, it won’t be hot or too cold.

You can endure and survive for a month, two, three and even a year. But why, if you can make your home warmer and more comfortable right now? Replacement windows will increase the quality of life in the shortest time. Windows Philadelphia will save your time and money for that.

Windows Philadelphia proposes all the standard types of replacement windows we have in the USA. All the fittings are of the highest quality and easy to use. Our consultants will find the best variant you are looking for, even if you need the window “as in my sweet granny’s house from my childhood”.